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Swimtrue musky Flies

swimtrue web flies1.jpg
This is my range of Swimtrue muskie/pike flies together, to give you a idea of there size. Top Swimtrue DJ Muskie, Middle 6/0 Swimtrue-Acoustic, Bottom Swimtrue-Acoustic 4/0.

Predatory fish such as muskie zero in on vibrations made by injured or swimming prey whether it be on or in the water. It's how these fish zero in on a food item long before they have visual contact. Crank-bait fisherman have been attracting muskie using vibration in the form of swimming crank-baits & spinner-baits that incorporate blades/lips. All achieve the same goals; vibration and movement. Capitalising on this point will increase your chances of attracting interest from a nearby muskie. Covering water is the key to sucsess. 

The next step in the process is convincing the muskie that the fly is a meal. In my opinion, flies have this advantage over conventional tackle at close range. You just need the muskie to see your fly. 

That's why my Swimtrue Musky Flies come equipped with a large rattle encased between 3D eyes. The lip on this fly moves the head from side to side, the speed of which depends on the rate at which you strip the line. Now add a large 12" body that suspends in the water at rest,  all adding up to a muskie meal.

If there's a muskie nearby it will come and have a look. Half the battle right there!! The rest is up to you. 


swimtrue web dj 5.jpg

My Swimtrue DJ is a jointed fly; The first hook is a 5/0 with the barb still intact, however I do suggest you pinch the tip of the barb down leaving a bump. The second hook is a 6/0 barbless hook. I've linked the two hooks using 95lb stainless steel trace wire designed not to wrap around each other.This makes for tangle free use for the most part. In the above photo shows some of the most popular colors combinations. The available colors combinations are as follows. :note the first color is the top one, all the flies have red gills unless requested otherwise. Black/white, Black/yellow, Black/orange, Yellow/white, Gray/white, Green/white, Orange/white, Perch (Green, chartreuse, white) As most of the time I tie flies as ordered, provided I have what you want in stock, it is possible to mix and match a maxim of four color combinations at no extra cost.

swimtrue web flies 3.jpg

Firetiger Orange and Firetiger Yellow are two must have colors, when chasing big muskie.