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On-line compound fungicide system

  This system is an equipment for preparing and synthesizing fungicide on the spot. The fungicide reacts with sodium hypochlorite on line to form a new fungicide with strong activity. Using this equipment can realize automatic adjustment of dosing ratio, dilution and dosing amount, and the synthetic fungicide can be directly added to the batching pool, pre-copying pool, slurry tank or white pool in the process of paper making. The system adopts PLC automatic control, PH monitoring instrument in the implementation of feedback, can realize 12 dosing points cycle dosing, automatic adjustment of dosing time and dosage ratio according to the dosing pool liquid level. The touch screen panel can realize all-round man-machine interaction, intuitively understand the running status of the equipment, with parameters setting, data recording, alarm display and other functions of the preparation proportion of liquid medicine.

  As the business scope of chemical pharmaceutical industry is distributed across the country, the rapid development of Internet of Things and cloud computing technology in recent years, the customer's demand for equipment networking and data application is increasing. It is a difficult problem and an important strategic choice for every enterprise to uniformly manage various devices and data scattered around and apply big data. Our company closely follows the pace of industry application, constantly invested in the research and development of our own cloud platform, through our equipment data application cloud platform, can achieve equipment management, data monitoring, remote maintenance and other functions. User after using our equipment, can be in our platform registered user accounts (and mobile phone number binding), can be in the phone APP side and PC to realize to control the equipment running status monitoring and regulating operations, the user can understand the operation situation of field devices anytime and anywhere for dosing state, dosing quantity, any alarm message key data such as real-time control and can be adjusted at any time.


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